Tiger Console

Inspired by the many custom hallway solutions designed for Studio Duggan projects over the years, our Tiger Console is the perfect solution for even the most bijou of city hallways – providing a mirror, focal point and surface space for a candle or flowers in a tiny 25cm deep footprint. It also includes a handy and sophisticated set of drawers to keep your essential trinkets in. Consider it a very chic way never to misplace your keys again!

A much awaited addition to Trove, the Tiger Mirror Collection is handcrafted in London in small batches by one of our oldest workshops. The Tiger's veneer is sourced from the burl wood of an 825-year-old oak tree, once rooted in the serene pastures of the northern end of the Cotswold Hills. Dating back to the 1200s, the boldly 'striped' burl outdates the completion of Chartres and Marco Polo travelling to Cathay. With a completely unique and natural Tiger pattern and rich brown lacquered hue, our mirrors make a striking focal point in any space.

The nature of burl means that every piece has unique natural characteristics; the ‘striped’ burl is particularly delicate so the natural markings from the tree are very apparent and a lacquered top coat protects this rare veneer, also resulting in a beautiful lustre finish. See also our Tiger Mirror Small or Tiger Mirror Large.


  • H 112.5 x D 2 x W 80 cm
  • Console Drawer Dimensions: 
  • H 8.5 x D 25 x W 80 cm


  • Made in the UK
  • This is a handmade product please allow up to 2cm sizing tolerance
  • Each piece is individually made using a striped burl from natural wood, so no two pieces are the same

Available - Up to 7 days

Made in the UK, in stock

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