Gamcha Check Cushion

Our cushions are filled with a top quality down and feather mix so they are extra soft, plump and super comfortable.


  • 55 x 55 cm (excluding frill)
  • Self Frill: 5 cm


  • Hand made in the UK
  • Concealed zip closure in seam
  • Namay Samay Gamcha, Mustard
  • This is a handmade product, please allow up to 2cm sizing tolerance

Available - Up to 7 days

55 x 55cm, made in the UK

Fabric: Susan Deliss - Batik - Citrine, Susan Deliss - Batik - Coral, Susan Deliss - Batik - Garnet, Susan Deliss - Batik - Moonstone, Susan Deliss - Batik - Moss, Claremont Joanna Palm - Moss, Claremont Joanna Palm - Raspberry, Claremont Joanna Palm - Teal, Le Manach - Greuze, Le Manach - Madame Elisabeth, Marvic Moire Stripe - Ebony, Marvic Moire Stripe - Maroon, Marvic Moire Stripe - Rose, Le Manach Pekin Rayure - Blue, Le Manach Pekin Rayure - Marron, Le Manach Pekin Rayure - Celadon, Belgian Linen - Antique, Belgian Linen - Old Rose, Belgian Linen - Aubergine, Belgian Linen - Khaki, Belgian Linen - Stone, Belgian Linen - Steel, Belgian Linen - Walnut, Velvet - Brass, Velvet - Dark Turquoise, Velvet - Mid Green, Velvet - Mid Turquoise, Velvet - Pale Pine, Velvet - Pale Rust, Claremont Mohair - Blue Ancien, Claremont Mohair - Bronze, Claremont Mohair - Garnet, Claremont Mohair - Shell Pink, Claremont Mohair - Teal, Claremont - Leopard, Antoinette Poisson - Grenades Noir

In stock

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